Supplier Quality Requirements, (2014) Rev. New
AAT.Aero, Inc.
The following requirements apply based on the Purchase Order received from AAT.Aero

PACKING AND SHIPPING: Supplier shall prepare and pack the Goods to prevent damage and deterioration. Charges for preparation, packing, crating, and cartage are included in the price unless separately specified in the Order.

SHIPMENT/DELIVERY: Shipments or deliveries, as specified in a AAT.Aero Purchase Order, shall be in accordance with quantities and schedules. It is recommended that the Supplier notify AAT.Aero of any anticipated delay and make other arrangements. Supplier shall prepare and package product for AAT.Aero to prevent damage and deterioration during shipping.

MATERIALS FURNISHED BY AAT.AERO: All materials furnished by AAT.Aero, i.e. blueprint, Mylar, tooling, etc. are to be returned with the product upon completion of the order.

APPROVED SUPPLIERS/SUBCONTRACTING: Supplier must notify AAT.Aero of any changes to facility location, movement of subcontracted services from one supplier to another and changes in management. Prior to subcontracting, AAT.Aero must be contacted for approval. All applicable requirements in the AAT.Aero Purchase Order must be flowed down to the sub-tier suppliers including key characteristics where required. Any AAT.Aero Supplier may subcontract AAT.Aero work to another supplier provided that AAT.Aero is provided with the same rights and protection as contained in the Right of Entry clause.

RIGHT OF ENTRY: Supplier shall allow AAT.Aero representatives, AAT.Aero customers, and regulatory agencies right of entry into the Supplier’s facilities to determine and verify the quality of work, records and material on current or previous orders.

DIGITAL PRODUCT DEFINITION/MODEL BASED DEFINITION (DPD/MBD): If use of DPD/MBD datasets is required in performance of an order, Supplier shall be approved by AAT.Aero for DPD/MBD data use, including an acceptable survey on record at AAT.Aero. Supplier will conform to any other DPD/MBD requirements imposed by AAT or its Customers via the Purchase Order or attachments.

QUALITY: The Supplier shall provide and maintain an inspection/quality system which will assure that all delivered products conform to purchase contract requirements, whether manufactured or processed by the Supplier or an approved sub-tier supplier. The Supplier shall maintain controls and perform all inspections and tests required to substantiate product conformance to drawings, specifications and other purchase contract requirements unless otherwise noted on purchasing documents. For all standards and specifications, supplier must use latest revision unless otherwise noted on the Purchase order.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Supplier agrees not to disclose AAT.Aero and AAT.Aero customers’ information without prior written consent from AAT.Aero. AAT.Aero Confidential Information includes, without limitation, all data, technology, programming, specifications, materials, guidelines, drawings and other documentation relating to the product and/or program.

RECORDS: The Supplier shall maintain records of work performed for AAT.Aero. Records shall include the certificate of conformance provided to AAT.Aero as well as all records that substantiate the certificate. These records shall be maintained in any retrievable format for a minimum of fifteen (15) years.

NON-CONFORMING MATERIAL: Supplier must notify AAT.Aero of any non-conforming product immediately. AAT.Aero may choose to reject non-confirming items, use them as is, or provide a rework solution. Cost for rework and return shipping of non-conforming products or material will be the responsibility of the Supplier.

COST RECOVERY: AAT.Aero reserves the right to recover all incurred costs related to nonconforming product received from the responsible supplier(s). This also includes incurred costs of items where material defects are discovered during or after a subsequent AAT.Aero machining operation or manufacturing process.

INSPECTION AND TEST EQUIPMENT: Supplier shall maintain inspection and test equipment to assure calibration traceable to a known national or international standard. Calibration records must be maintained and made accessible to AAT.Aero, if required.

CERTIFICATIONS: Supplier must provide certificate of conformance that ensures that all requirements of ordered material or a specification have been met. Certifications must reflect that all applicable material or manufacturing and process specifications called for on the engineering drawing have been met. The specifications must be listed on the certification.

CALIBRATION SERVICES ONLY: Calibration of inspection equipment shall be performed traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or other national or international standards. Certificates of Calibration shall be provided with each calibration.

PAYMENT TERMS: Payment terms are Net 30 days unless a separate agreement has been reached and set forth on the Purchase Order. Supplier will promptly submit correct and complete invoices or other agreed-upon billing communications with appropriate supporting documentation and other information reasonably required by Buyer after delivery of Products and performance of Services. Buyer may withhold payment until a correct and complete invoice or other required information is received and verified.